The Hook

Spade Divider

$295 + Shipping


One of the most versatile and terrifying Russian roulette routines of all time!

A big fishing treble hook is shown and tied to the end of a 2 feet piece of twine. Five normal pieces of twine are also introduced.

The hook and the ends five pieces of normal twine are placed into the performers mouth. The hanging pieces of twine are mixed!

Now the fun Starts!
A spectator or spectators are asked to rip out any piece of twine they want!

You can see the fear visually build in the eyes of the spectator and the audience!

One at a time, Five pieces are safely pulled, leaving behind one hanging piece.

The last piece is slowly pulled out of the mouth, revealing the treble hook is tied to the end!

  • 100% Safe!
  • 100% hit rate!
  • Perfect for Stage, Parlor, Close-up, and/or Street Magic!
  • Can fit right in your pocket!
  • No forces!
  • No stooges!

This is not just a trick.. It is a professional routine that your audience will remember!

Comes complete with everything needed to perform!

Here's what the Pros are saying!
"Sharp and Twisted Fun! I love it!" - Wayne Houchin (Discovery Channel's "Breaking Magic", Creator of Thread, Sinful and Stigmata)

"This is AWESOME! " - Morgan Strebler (Creator of Liquid Metal, Touched and Razor's Edge)

"You want reactions? THIS is how you get reactions!" - Garrett Thomas

"What a sick and twisted effect! Disgusting! I cant wait to perform it myself" - Justin Flom (Creator and Producer of Syfy's Wizard Wars, TV Host and Magician)

"As a real sideshow performer, Eric can put a brutal realism into his physical effects! The Hook is the perfect example of this. Its fooling, its powerful and it fits into your pocket; I can't wait to add it to my repertoire, and I urge you to consider it for yours! - Dee Christopher (TV Magician, Star of "Killer Magic")

Private show performance rights included with every purchase.
TV, Video and Media rights are NOT included but can be obtained with written consent from Eric Ross.