The Motley Deck

Spade Divider

$20 + Shipping

A deck is introduced.

Each card in the deck has a different back design.

2 face up prediction cards are set aside and the deck is handed to the spectator. The spectator(s) deals cards down onto the table. They stop dealing WHEREVER they want to. NO FORCE. The spot they stop at is marked by one of the face up prediction cards and then covered by the rest of the cards.

They pick up the deck and are asked to deal down again and stop WHEREVER they wish to stop. Again, the spot they stopped at is marked with a face up prediction card and then covered by the rest of the cards. The cards are then squared up and spread face down across the table. The face up prediction cards are pulled out along with the face down cards they marked.

Reveal 1 - The backs of the selected cards are the SAME DESIGN.
Reveal 2 - The face up prediction cards are turned down and the BACKS MATCH the selected cards (Red & Red, Blue & Blue)!
Reveal 3 - All 4 of the cards are turned over and the FACES MATCH!
Reveal 4 - For a kicker finale,

The deck is spread face up and ALL the cards are the same value and suit, but very different than the prediction and selected cards!

Self working
Everything Included
100% Accuracy every time.

This is a modern day homage to the classic Kaleidoscope Deck.

Note to Buyer:
The face value differs in each deck. Please send me an email to to specify which value you'd like. If the value you request is available, it will be sent to you. If not, a random value will be sent. Thank you.