2nd Chance

Spade Divider

$10 + Shipping

Choose a Color

A card is selected from the deck and is remembered by your spectator.

The card is then returned and lost into the center of the deck.

You tell your spectator their card is going to jump up to the top of the deck when they snap their fingers.

The spectator snaps their finger.

You turn over the top card... It is NOT your spectator's card.

You have your spectator hold the card you just turned over, face up (they can still se the face of it).

You rub half of the card that they are now holding, and magically, in their hand, the half you rub visually changes into their card.

A classic plot reimagined with consent from the original creators.

Leave them with a souvinere they'll keep forever.

Comes complete with 20 red or blue Bicycle Rider Back gaffs.